Lup and Straight Trans Women: Pt 2

This whole subject is really getting to me. I was watching Stop!! Hibari-kun!, which is about a trans woman in love with a guy, and the guy totally likes her back but *she’s a dude, so he can’t like her!!* And sure, it had good comedy and etc at first, but I found myself longing to know: Does Hibari get the guy? That’s all I care about. It’s a fifty-fifty thing. Part’s because I so so so so so desire to see somebody like me who’s in love, and another part is that I derive a sinister joy in turning straight people gay, or, in academic terms, queering love. It’s gotta be a trans thing though, and anime just tends to be heteronormative so the trans girl’s with a guy in the end. ’cause I still felt this way in Hourou Musuko with Anna. So nah, it’s not really about straight trans women. It’s about seeing trans women being loved. Our society does so much to place trans women in this zone of fetish material, but unlovable. She’s good for when you want to experiment and nothing more. You could never really be happy with a trans woman! She’s a girl but she has a dick. That makes nobody happy… these ideas are so pervasive, that when something overcomes them, I just find myself in tears. Not because (well, maybe because) of my own life mind you, it’s just the sheer fact that society sets itself up to where trans women can never be loved. So to see a trans woman loved and in love— that’s special to me.

That’s what I want from y’all, okay? Go out there and write stories about trans women who are loved, because there can never be enough of those out there.


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