Spotted Flower 26, OR IS IT?

Well, cat’s… not out of the bag? Yikes. I guess we should’ve seen this coming, knowing Madarame. Somehow I’m starting to not love Mada so much, what with the whole lying to his wife at the first opportunity thing. I should’ve seen it coming! It’s in Mada’s nature.

Bzzzt!! Bzzzt!! Communication intercepted:

Madarame really is a sou-uke. Even the basics of his character design compared to Sasahara, Kousaka, Tanaka, et cetera is slimmer than most, and though his noticeable cheekbones may seem too masculine at first, they’re really just a reinforcement of slim, lithe body: perfect for taking a femdick in the ass. He has been married for years now, and having a child, settling down, is the ultimate marker of the end of his youth if marriage wasn’t enough evidence of this. In his last gasp of youthful air before he is swallowed by true, unchangeable adulthood, he grasps at something, anything, from his college days that he can cling to for dear life. The gasp he made with Hato’s dick in his ass is neither triumphant nor guilty— it’s a mono no aware acceptance of his fate as he transitions into an adulthood that will pull him further away from his love of all things within the realm of anime and manga, for, not only does he have a day job, but a child to take care of, and with that there will be no way for him to live his life as an otaku to his fullest any longer. This grim fate of his, even if he has come to accept it, can only be altered remotely by something huge (in his ass) to change his (sex) life from what his is used to or comfortable with. When he’s just fucking Hato in the ass, this is meaningless. It was the expected outcome had he chosen Hato in the first place. It was only that what-if that nagged at him all those years— “What if it really was HatoMada and not MadaHato?” that could have taken him away from the comfortable, normie life he has known. This was the truth of a relationship with Hato and Mada, for, even if they had started out as MadaHato, the curiosity would have built: Hato knows how this looks in BL, and Mada can probably figure that out too, but do either know how it looks IRL? At the end of his life as someone who can even pretend to be an independent Otaku, Madarame must sate his curiosity just this once and know what that undeniably Otaku and undeniably queer vision looks like: HatoMada.

Wait, isn’t this just talking about Chapter 22 again? Didn’t I say enough about this already? What more is there to talk about but…



OH YES. This means so much. The part I missed from before was the declaration of love, and this changes everything. It’s not Hato making love to Madarame, it’s just that Hato does love Madarame. This transcends what I expected of Shimoku’s understanding of BL— this is how BL truly is at its core. A confession followed by an ass-fucking. Perfect. PERFECT. Also holy hell this sex scene is hot? I forgot it was this hot before. I could really go for some boy ass after reading this. Hee. But this confession of love means so much… How does this change our understanding of Hato all this time? The way I understood the ending of harem arc was that Hato had given up their love entirely and won’t pursue Madarame any longer, but now we see their love has continued all this time. This changes everything though to see this affair is romantic as well and not purely sexual as we had both supposed. The romantic attachment A. Means there is a greater potential for future involvement with yummy, yummy HatoMada B. Means this affair is more than just a dying gasp for Madarame but a pent up frustration of not having satisfying sex with Saki (sorry I can’t be bothered with all the alts / !’s) that could develop (if it hasn’t already) into something romantic on his part too, and C. Means that Hato is lying to Yajima in Chapter 23 when Yajima asks, “You did it for the art, right?” and Hato is like, “Yeah sure.” In reality this goes beyond just art, but the fulfilling of a personal dream on a deeper level than that. Does this make it an affair on Hato’s part as well? Does this spell tribulations not only for Madarame and Saki but for Hato and Yajima? And, most importantly, WILL THERE BE MORE HATOMADA?

Hang on a second. There’s something deeply troubling about this. This reminds me of a certain other love confession, which ended with a moving into…

Oh no…

Not the fujoshi zone!

We are in grave peril, folks, of a character entering a fujoshi zone here. Red alert to all systems. If we are to navigate this minefield of explosive, knock-your-socks-off HatoMada bonking, we need to acknowledge these two possible outcomes:

1. The Yajima Fujoshi Zone.

With this new understanding, we know that Hato does have romantic attachment to Mada still, and thus when they say to Yajima that they just did it for the sake of art, this was a lie. Should we see more HatoMada happening, Yajima’s gonna be stuck. She’s operating under the assumption this is just for the BL, when this reaches a romantic affair that pulls Hato away from her (unless we’re taking a poly-amorous interpretation of this? Hmm… Something tells me Shimoku isn’t gonna take this route, though he does love to surprise his readers so anything is possible). Yajima is thus stuck having to ship her partner with Madarame for the sweet, sweet BLs, but loses out on being able to have Hato for herself in the process.

2. The Hato Fujoshi Zone.

Having now bonked Madarame successfully, Hato has drawing materials for ages. In spite of feeling guilty about betraying Saki, Madarame probably isn’t 100% against things continuing, but Hato, too caught up with the BL goggles on, neglects their fruitful potential with Madarame in favor of pursuing their BL passions. That’s what we saw in Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda after all— confession leading into the fujoshi zone, with a retconning of the confession just being words said in the moment, enacting the role of the seme rather than truly confessing their love to Madarame. We saw this happen once before, and the very fact that it has happened gives greater potential for us to see it once more. Either way, there is only one way to escape this minefield:

HatoMada and SakiYajima cross-pairing / orgy (lite; I assume SakiHato and Yajimada have little possibility). After all, with this, Hato stays safely away from the Hato Fujoshi Zone by bonking Mada on a regular basis, and Yajima isn’t a passive agent in allowing this to happen, but gets the hawt yuri happening in the mean time.

Ohohohohoh yes. Ohohohoho yes!

Wait, you want me to talk about chapter 26?

Pfft. What do you want me to say? Go Mada, you deceived your wife about getting bonked by a trap the night after she gave birth. I think the revelation of what’s been translated properly has little effect on what’s happened over the past couple chapters leading up to this— it’s what comes next where this will matter.


2 thoughts on “Spotted Flower 26, OR IS IT?

  1. Wonderful! I’m still going on about this too, dropping link to this post in my soon to be finished 3rd take.
    I like your endgames better; they at least derive from desire, romance and longing.
    I fear the mada has gone all passive-aggressive and wants to test his privilege, while satisfying his curiosity and sowing discord among his old group — just because HE CAN, Neener neener neener….
    This too means more messy HatoMadaHato though, no fujoshi zone – except possibly for Merei

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